Wireless Portable
Magstripe Reader

  • Wireless Class 1 built-in Bluetooth interface

  • Long range communications up to 300 ft.

  • Multiple operating modes:
    1. Periodic download
    2. Real-time transmission

  • Li+ battery charged from USB port - 30 hours continuous use

  • Reads all 3-tracks - no data restrictions

  • Stores 2000 card swipes

  • All swipes are timestamped

  • Data retained even if power is removed

    Includes easy-to-use wireless setup and download software

This is our latest model portable card reader. Completely self contained, it features not only built-in memory, but also a wireless interface, allowing it to send magstripe data to any Bluetooth enabled computer or wireless printer. This makes it the perfect device for adding magstripe capability to existing PDA's, laptops or any system with Bluetooth capability. The wireless interface can be configured to wait for a periodic connection, transferring the data in batch mode to a host computer. Alternatively, it can be setup to transmit the data in real-time, buffering the data as needed when the connection cannot be established.

For computer systems where Bluetooth is not available, or where it is difficult to guarantee that the interface software will be left running, you can link the BT32 to one of our SideKick wireless interfaces. These stand-alone Bluetooth interfaces off-load the data in real-time for later retrieval when the software can be run.

Dimensions: 3.25"L x .80"W x 1.05"H
Weight: 1.8 oz

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